Nehemiah 8:8

So they read in the book in the law of God distinctly,and gave

the sense, and caused [them] to understand the reading.

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History of Body of Christ M. B. Church


The idea of organizing a new and different Baptist Congregation was first conceived by 6 Visionaries in July 1986, namely: Deacon Eddie Young, Deacon Brazie Guyton, Geneva Guyton, Margie Young, Mary Smith and Annie Austin.† Their plans however had to wait until God had fully prepared the one who would serve as Pastor and Teacher for the new flock.† On December 24, 1989 five of the original 6 Visionaries met with four others to go forth with the original vision.† At that meeting, the suggestion of Deacon Roceal Beauford to name the congregation Body of Christ M. B. Church was approved.† It was also agreed by the 9 Planners, that Ricky T. Guyton, an associate minister at Greater Love M. B. Church should pastor this new congregation.†

Their vision of ďa Baptist Church unhindered by church politics and traditionsĒ was shared with the Candidate for pastor.† After an 8 weeks period of prayer, study and seeking Godís will, there were 17 souls in attendance and on February 25, 1990 the Body of Christ M. B. Church was officially organized at the Quality Inn Hotel (Madison & Halsted) in downtown Chicago, Illinois.† The following, Annie Austin, Lee Isaac Austin, Robert Austin, Bernice Alexander, Roceal Beauford, Belinda Guyton, Brazie Guyton, Geneva Guyton, Margaret Guyton, Michael Guyton, Ricky Guyton, Hera Smith, Mary Smith (Whitehead), Eddie Young, Sky Young and Theresa Young were enjoined in covenant with one another and officially organized the congregation.† Dennis Matthews stood in attendance as witness to the covenant.† The congregation continued to meet for the next 7 years at the Quality Inn Hotel on Sundays and in the home of the Pastor during the week.†

The Spring of 1991 launched The Living Word television broadcast, airing on Chicago Cable 19.† The Broadcast continued every Wednesday and Thursday through December 2000, and in January 2001, The Living Word premiered on Chicago Cable Channel 36 at† 9:00 pm Saturdays.† The Living Word continues to air on Chicago Cable Channel 36 to the present day.


In the summer of 1992, Body of Christ M. B. Church, held its first baptism at Grove Heights Church.† As more souls were added to the congregation, Body of Christ began to seek a permanent church home, but was unable to find a facility that was suitable to its needs and affordable.† On July 3, 1996 property was located at the corner of† 53rd Street and Western Avenue in Chicago, Illinois which proved to be perfectly suited for the needs of the congregation.† A contract was negotiated to purchase the property at a cost of $294,000.00.† The next six months proved to be times of uncertainty, however during this time, Body of Christ learned to trust God completely and unwavering.† On April 1, 1997 our patience was rewarded and we were able to purchase the property with a down payment of $194,000.00 and a mortgage through Cole Taylor Bank.† The commercial mortgage of $100,000.00 was paid off on August 4, 1999 with a final payment of $24,000.00.†

On February 15, 1999 Body of Christ collected its last church offering trusting the membership to pay their tithes & offerings privately upon entering or leaving the sanctuary.† Eliminating the collections provided more time during worship service for prayer, praise and the ministry of the Word. Since itís beginning, the little flock of 17 souls has experienced a slow but steady growth spiritually, numerically and in the knowledge of Godís Word.† We rejoice in knowing that through our labors, God is still adding to the universal Church daily, such as should be saved.

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